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Condensed Festivals… An alternate face for impro gatherings


On September 26 in Bogota, Colombia, the fast and physical La Gata will be hosting a mini international festival with Nadine Antler from Germany and Shawn Kinley from Canada.  For 10 days we will play and perform in a slightly different kind of a get together.

What we usually expect from an improvisation festival is a partyfest of shows, groups and get togethers, with a smattering of workshops.  I don’t mind these things but I always leave feeling like I didn’t meet everyone I wanted to, nor did I get enough time with the people I met.  On top of that, where some festivals program so many shows on top of each other, you rarely get to see everyone work… especially when groups perform only once or twice.

LaGata’s get together will be focussed a little more on the mixing and sharing of ideas, concentrating on the relationship of fewer people.  festival time for improvisers

In 2010, the Loose Moose hosted a similar event at “The Summit”.  It was a two week event with La Gata and Teatre Isenkram from Oslo, Norway.  It was great.

The focus was on exploration and workshops.  Keith Johnstone was in for a couple of days and we all hosted days of workshops with each other.

The thing I like about these gatherings is that you  get to play with each other.  You learn some skills and you get to work with each other multiple times on stage.

In a reality of increasing costs for flights and accommodation, this might be a reasonable alternative to the multi-group events that see each group perform only once or twice per visit.

Lovely Latin America…


The tour is coming together for Latin America.

Is it Latin America or South America?  Is there a difference?  And why do I feel bad saying one and not the other?  (Did you ever have a guilty feeling about inanimate objects and concepts when you don’t use them equally?  Hmmm… that’s insane.  )

Where was I?

Shawn will be teaching improvisation in Latin America

Shawn Kinley will be teaching improvisers and performing in Lovely Latin America

Oh yes.  I was booking tickets to:


Check out my schedule at SHAWNKINLEY.COM

One thing I like about Latin/South America are the people.  When I was first in Chile (and by no means was I the first to be in Chile.  Oh no…  Others have been there before me.  Many others.  So many in fact that I feel almost embarassed to be going on about this.  Almost.)

When I was first in Chile, I remember meeting people who gave me that look of “HEY, OLD FRIEND – It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen each other.  I’m so glad you’re here now.”  (Yes, there is a look for that).   I was certain that these people knew me and I had somehow forgotten their names.  But of course we had never met.  They are just so warm.  All that Chilean sunshine oozing from them.

But then… you try to kiss them and they run away.

It’s a lovely culture and I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and improvising with some new ones.

No Habla Espanol Senor!

Italian Workshop December 2010

Hey there,
So, The Italian Nation has made a polite invitation for me to visit them and their pizza.  Also, I was asked to hold two workshops In December in Rome.  Below is the official invitaion from Facebook
 …if you are interested, contact those wacky Italians here….

Shawn Kinley, will facilitate 2 impro workshops in Rome.Early in the 1980’s, already performing mime, mask work and physical theatre in various countries, Shawn stumbled into the world famous Loose Moose Theatre in Canada, becoming one of the most appreciated and inspiring performers and teachers at the Moose.

The 2 workshops will focus on improvisation techniques. More details will follow.

Workshop 1
Class one will look at getting into a physical state for improvisers. We will cover such elements as Gibberish, Contact Improvisation, Stage fight, Mime and Cartoon Mime. We will look at techniques that trick the body into becoming active when there is a tendency to stop and get stuck in talk. We will use the body to inspire the mind into better ideas and give the audience greater variety and enthusiasm for our work.

Dates: December 10th-12th 2010
Where: Rome

Workshop 2
Class two will approach the mind of the improviser. We will look at such things as inspiration through stress and removing of stress, breaking the rules to make the scenes better, exercises on how to think about our partner and make stronger connections and inspired reactions. There are specific ways our brain gets in the way of our doing this work. Improvisation should be easy. We will work on clearing the path our mind has cluttered with fear, pre-conceived ideas and ‘intellectual-isms’. We will be doing exercises that make you feel the fun and not think about it.

Dates: December 17th-19th 2010
Where: Rome

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