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Show with Improvenoes – Baden Switzerland


Bet you didn’t know there was a BADEN.  Unless you’re Swiss.  Most people think of Baden Baden.  I think the people there thought it would make them ttwice as good to have the name twice…  No… I don’t think that.

That’s insane.

3 Swissies and 1 Canuck were on stage on April 8 in a little Swiss bar turned into a little Swiss theatre.  Probably 100 Happy Swiss folk came to see us on a lovely spring night.  Only 6 reservations to start and then they came in like air through the holes in Swiss cheese.

Something interesting happens when people feel pressure.  They lose their abilities – piece by piece.  Maybe it was me that put pressure on the gang or maybe it was the staring eyes of the foreieign audience.  No, wait, that can’t be it.  I was the foreigner.  It was my fault.

Michele set up a “speed dating” game.  Character’s were given a short time to meet each other, afterwhich  they would be tagged out and two other characters would get to know each other.  It went through about 8 rounds of pairs.  EVERY ONE was NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE…

“I hate this place”

“You look like an idiot…”

I finally gave a very direct onstage note.  I sat down with Andy and in character said, “I’ve been to these speed dating things so many times in the past and it amazes how NEGATIVE everyone is.  It seems like the place where you would want to be a pleasant person”.  The audience laughed because they knew what was going on.  I heard Michele in the back making a sound like she recognized what I was doing and recognized they had been negative.

So those two characters went to a positive state.  The audience liked them BUT someone tagged Andy out and the audience went “ohhhhh” because they wanted to see more.  The next character  started going weird and negative so I stood up and said, I think there’s someone over here I would rather be with.  And that’s how it ended.  And the audience laughed because that’s where they would have gone too.

On stage notes are interesting.  Probably should only be used as a last resort to clarify and find connection I think.  But sometimes… they are so necessary.