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A telephone rings, ANSWER IT!

A vampire bites, REACT TO IT!

A person speaks, LISTEN TO THEM.

The obvious isn’t the easiest.  Watch a show where the performers constantly miss what the audience wants.  They still get a laugh but they miss the oppurtunity for a better story or bigger laugh or other emotion.

The stress that forms in our brain when we feel the expectation of our audience and partners makes us do a number of things:

  1. We doubt that our initial idea is good enough
  2. We look for BIG ideas
  3. We panic and fall back on stereotypes and crutches
  4. We miss the obvious
  5. Thinks just get wierd


What to do?

BE OBVIOUS… Don’t entertain for a couple of seconds and just look around, listen and know that you aren’t responsible for this moment.  Someone else will take up the slack. Believe it or not… giving up a little bit will help the audience connect to you better.  It’s the audience who gladly takes up the slack as they observe (like good improvisers) what the scene is all about and what the individuals are offering.  Be at least as good as the audience.

Trying to be BETTER than the audience actually makes you worse.  If you could see just like them, you could give them what they want and then you would be good enough.  And then… you would be good.


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