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The Journey, The Destination


Bogota Colombia.  April 3.   Camilo from PICNIC IMPRO drops me a note!  “HEY SHAWN!  I will come by and take you some place in Bogota!”

We walk down the street with the question of where to go.  Ah! OK, we will go to the coffee place.  But, rodents and mystics disrupt that plan.

As we walk, we see a crowd of people from all areas of society – children, businessmen, old people, men, women and even a military guy.  We bend our path and investigate.  It seems that it’s a “mystic” handing out blessings.  I’ve never seen it before but the thing that looks like a street act is a modern mystic entrancing a crowd.

A little further down the street are three elderly people.  One is dressed all in white, with a top hat and is lip syncing to an amplified bit of jazz while an elderly woman and man do a crazy happy dance. Were they an old performing group?  No time to ask them.  They start dancing again.street dance

Then there’s a strange machine that seems like it MIGHT want to make ice cream but it dances on the road so violently that all  that is makes is noise.

And 4 or 5 crazy things later there’s the Guinea pig races… I’ve never seen such patient, well trained Guinea pigs. They are lined up at one end of the street and people place money on colourful Guinea Pig guinea pigs in Bogotahomes hoping to bet on the right rodent.

SO!… Here’s my point.  Once and a while consider that the destination as interesting as it might be will wait for you.  Be present and participate in the journey.  Listen to the music, watch the people, bet on a little furry creature.  The destination will wait for you.

As an improviser approach your work like a walk in an interesting neighbourhood.  Let your path bend when something more interesting presents itself.  Give up control to the moment.  Your story will be richer than what it could be than if you follow your safe path rigidly like an obedient donkey.

Oh… did I mention the Donkeys?  boys and burros

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