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Anna Freud said, “Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.”

Yes… well… This was 10 minutes ago:

I’m on a bus… watching a mother with her 6 year old daughter.

Mom is disconnected from the smiley little girl.  She’s sucking away on her Starbucks drink while she texts and talks on her “smart phone”. The mother’s friend is about the same age (late 20’s) She is doing the same as the mother. The little girl sits between them like  a little pink book between cold dark bookends.

The little dark haired girl is holding a yellow flower and touching the petals just like the adults are  touching the phones. The kid is singing happily to herself and the daisy.

The mother looks down… She says, “STOP SINGING!   You are always singing.  Stop it”.

The kid shuts up.  But she  doesn’t lose her positive quality.  (that will happen soon I fear).

Just as I go to get off the bus, the little girl starts singing again.
There’s hope.

The problem is with Anna Freud’s thoughts that “Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training” is that the minds that do not survive are the one’s we see everyday on buses with “smart phones” telling their children to “STOP SINGING”…

Keep singing.
Draw outside the lines.
Write poetry because you want to
Break some rules occasionally

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  1. Avatar August 12th, 2013 at 11:42 PM Pepa Duarte Soldevilla Says:

    last week i was in Piura, Perú (in the north) . I went there to give an improv workshop, there was a student he seem like and old guy (he was 68 perhaps, like my father). He was so shy, i didnt know what to do with him, i didnt get if he were understanding the games and everything… but then he starts smiling and laughing when he losed.. i was so glad, he were so happy. At the final day he told me that for him it was so difficult to comunicate to more than one person at time.
    I think in Keith Johnstone ´s book, and your thoughs.

    Im sure he was trying to get back that wings that adults cut in his infance.

    BIG HUGS shawn